Saturday, July 19, 2008

cebu weddings

I typed "cebu weddings" in Google, in the off-chance (well, in the hope) that I might spot this blog in the results. No such luck! Hehe! I did come across some websites that might be useful to those who are planning on getting married in Cebu sometime soon and can't wait for my own tips: ;-)

1. Wedding Planner Cebu will, obviously, plan your wedding for you if you want them to. They have packages that range from $7,000 to $12,000 (yes, seriously).

2. Heavenly Weddings also offers its inestimable services. They have packages with really cute names: Splendid Beginnings (P78,000), Heavenly Match (P128,000), Wedding Bliss (P168,000), and Cherished Moments (P238,000).

3. Weddings-Cebu is a bit confusing (you might as well know: the links on top just bring you back to the Home Page) and you'll have a field day if you consider yourself a member of the grammar police ("as farther as I understand they have pleasant beach so it is also beatific to have your Cebu beach wedding to the said resort"). But if you patiently click, click, click, you're bound to come across some useful information. Or not.

4. Kalidades House of Flowers has a directory of wedding suppliers, but I think they're still inviting advertisers to be part of their directory. A link to the shop's wedding packages just says "blooming soon." Not so useful a website just yet.

5. Living In The Philippines has a page called Wedding in the Philippines. Hehe. Aforementioned page contains a Dutch expat's tale of getting married in the Philippines. If you're a divorced expat wanting to get married to a local beauty, this is the place to go. ;-)

Okay, that's it, I'm done surfing. The websites get less useful the farther you go down Google's results page. I'd stick with WPC and HW, if packages were my thing. Of course, I'm sure there are other wedding planners offering other wedding packages that just haven't found their way yet to Google's Page 1.

Wedding packages aren't my thing, though, because I don't really think I would (if I were a bride-to-be, which I am not, yet) want everything they're offering. For one, the usual giveaways don't appeal to me. And I have this thing against releasing a pair of hapless doves.

Girls. ;-) We have Favorite Things as well as Pet Peeves, and we want our weddings to go Just Right.

Well. As I've said, stay tuned.


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