Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Pick of Wedding Planners

The Weddings At Work website contains a directory of Cebu-based wedding planners, all of whom I e-mailed. Two replied. I also checked out websites, where available, especially the testimonials given by former clients. Based on such initial reconnaissance, I've come up with this initial short-list of wedding organizers.

On the premise that I would want a tasteful organizer who is quick to respond to simple queries and panic attacks alike, I recommend:

1. Koncepts and More. They don't have wedding packages but "come up with costings per wedding element requirement." Its Managing Director, Mr. Bong Abela, promptly replied to my e-mail, detailed what services they offer, and told me that if I intend to get married 2-3 years from now, I could avail of their services for P60,000. It's honestly a bit steep for coordinating services only, BUT, based on the testimonials he's getting, Bong seems to be worth it. Former clients describe him as detail-oriented, professional, enthusiastic, with a good sense of style and taste.

2. Joyful Weddings. What I like about them, aside from their quick response, was the flexibility of what they offer. Five wedding packages are available from P50,800 to P380,800, but Ms. Esmie Yap assured me that if there are things in the package that I don't want, they can take it out and subtract a proportionate amount from the package cost. They also offer services-only, from Full (P35,000), Partial (P25,000), and On The Day Coordination (P15,000). For the tihik out there (like me!), you'll be glad to know that the On The Day Coordination actually starts 2 weeks before the wedding and includes things like planning the ceremony and the reception and checking with vendors to confirm arrangements for the wedding day.

Other wedding planners listed on the Weddings At Work directory who haven't replied to my e-mail but who have promising Multiply sites include A Dream Wedding in Cebu and Weddings & More. Some friends have also made several suggestions, which I will follow up when I have the time. ;-) I hope this post has been helpful.

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Ivy Jordan said...

Great article! I hope you can also make an article that wedding planners should not be stereotyped as expensive. Keep it up!