Tuesday, April 28, 2009

wedding proposal ideas

I confess: I was actually just surfing for fun activities to do this summer. But then I came across this activity by Islands Banca Cruises:

And then I thought: wouldn't that be a perfect spot for a wedding proposal? (And wouldn't that, in turn, be a great idea for a blog post?) (Or, you know, not.)
I was reminded of Plantation Bay's welcome kit, which includes a brochure giving guests ideas on where, among its many romantic spots, to pop the question.

But romantic dinners can be a bit boring. How cool would it be to say (squeak, more like it), "Will you marry me?" while both of you are hanging by a zipline?

The Danao Adventure Park in Bohol also offers root climbing, river trekking, river tubing, river kayaking, wall climbing, bird watching, rock climbing, rappelling and spelunking (caving).

But, you know, the proposal setting doesn't have to cost as much as the ring itself. The month of May is coming up -- the month of fiestas -- and there should be lots of carnivals setting up around town. The top of the Ferris wheel should be as good a place as any for proposing. :-P

After all, it's the thought that counts, right? :-)

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