Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Grand Convention Center of Cebu

The Grand Convention Center of Cebu, located at Archibishop Reyes Avenue, often plays host to all sorts of events, including weddings. While it does not have wedding packages, per se, Grand Con is still a beautiful and affordable place for holding a wedding reception.

There are 12 menus to choose from, all priced per table, which can hold a maximum of 12 persons each. Eight-course meals are priced at P2,700 / P3,200 / P3,700 per table. Nine-course meals, on the other hand, are priced at P4,700 / P6,500 / P6,700 per table. Drinks are not included in the price, so you have to order them separately. (You can not bring softdrinks from outside and just pay a corkage fee.) Softdrinks are P29/glass, P38/bottle or P59/can. A glass of iced tea costs P85, as does a glass of clamansi juice.

The lady who entertained our inquiries informed us that these prices are subject to change.

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Grand Con has two Grand Halls, which have a capacity of 200 to 300 people. A minimum of P50,000 is required for use of the halls.

Here are the most common extra fees applied to wedding receptions:
* Corkage for lechon - P300/piece
* Corkage for wine - P150/bottle
* LCD screen - P1,000 for the 7.5 x 10 ft screen, P500 for the 60 x 60 in screen
* Electricity charge for LCD - P500
* Electricity charge for an acoustic band - P500
* Electricity charge for a full band - P1,000

For inquiries, you may call any of these phone numbers: 231.5876 / 231.6982 / 231.9815 / 232.1103 / 232.0990 / 232.1267. Their fax number is 231.9815.


Anonymous said...

do they have a hall good for about 100 people? how much would per head?

Ligaya said...

Yes they do. Their prices are per table and would depend on the menu that you choose. Each table can accommodate 10-12 people. For example, they have a P2,700/table course. If you use the table's maximum capacity, that would be P225/person.

Anonymous said...

for about more than 200 people...do they have?

Ligaya said...


Anonymous said...

do they have debut packages? and have the price changed already coz the post was just in 2009. I wonder if they have changed already. And the lower part of the post mentioned about 50,000 for the halls. so if I have 100 guests, it would be 2700x10 +50000? wow. that's expensive

Ligaya said...

As far as I know, they don't have packages per se. You just make your bookings per table.

Also, you don't pay an extra P50,000 for the Grand Halls. If your booking reaches a minimum of P50,000 (say, 20 tables at P2,7000 each) then you get to use the grand halls. If your booking does not reach P50,000, you'll have to use the smaller function rooms.

These are the prices when I inquired in 2009 -- they may have changed since then. I do intend to make a round of the usual venues and ask for updated prices one of these days, but if you're in a bit of a hurry, you could try calling the numbers that I posted. You could also go directly to Grand Con -- you can make reservations in their ground floor restaurant. Their staff are actually quite helpful. :)

Kenneth said...

Hi Ligaya,

Are these prices updated? :)


mecel said...

about 150 people,do they have?

Ligaya said...

Hi Kenneth! These are 2009 prices.

Hello Mecel! Aside from the Grand Halls, they have smaller function rooms. But if your booking reaches P50,000 or more (say, 150 people, at 10 persons per table, with the P3,700/table menu), you can still use the Grand Hall.

Anonymous said...

225/person, i have to 200 guests that will make 45,000 is that all? or i will pay 45,000 + 50,000? we are planning to get married this year, grand con is one of our choices

Anonymous said...

How much is the charge for the hall if in case I cant reach 50k?