Saturday, March 12, 2011

ideas for wedding giveaways (or favors) - idea # 1

When the subject of wedding giveaways, or wedding favors, first came up during our wedding planning stage, my first thought was: I did not want giveaways like these. ----->

No offense to those of the traditional giveaways school of thought, of course. But -- and I hate to be the one to break the news to those who aren't already aware of it, but -- stuff like these do tend to end up in dusty shelves, get thrown away, or be given to the poorer relatives during Christmas. They look cute, and they were extremely popular in decades past, but sadly their charm has worn off.

A great wedding giveaway, for me, is something that is nice and useful, and ideally out of the ordinary. Easily sourced in Cebu? A definite plus. Something that immediately reminds the recipient of the couple? Brilliant. And inexpensive? Perfect!

Another thing is, I actually like the idea of having different wedding favors and letting each guest choose which one they'd like to take home. People who are always using pens at work might go for silver pens engraved with the couple's names, for example. Girls might go for cute stuff like candles and jewelry. And guys would be perfectly happy with food.

Some friends and I have been throwing around ideas for giveaways, and I thought I'd share them with you in the next couple of posts.

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Vintage-themed weddings are all the rage these days, so why not give away some "vintage" jewelry?

Having a garden wedding or a beach wedding? How about a necklace with a butterfly pendant, or a bracelet with silver dolphin charms?

Are you and your spouse more of the wooden-beads, music-loving, sand-in-feet, chillin' type? These will be perfect for your wedding then.

Want something with your wedding colors? How about these dreamcatcher earrings?

Do you prefer giveaways that are understated but pretty? These cord and metal bracelets should do the trick.

And, finally, nothing says "thank you for being my bridesmaid" or "thank you for being my friend" like a Swarovski bracelet, or earrings, or both.

Time for a little disclosure here: The reason why fashion jewelry is idea no. 1 is because I have ready photos of them. And the reason for that is because I'm actually selling some of this stuff. I don't make them myself, but I know where to get them for really low prices. This fashion-jewelry-as-wedding-giveaway idea actually came to me while I was out restocking my supplies. I know of a bride who actually bought Swarovksi bracelets to give away to her peer sponsors. And, yes, these accessories are all available in Cebu at prices less than P100.

Stay tuned for idea # 2.


Rain_sgirl said...


I'm so happy that by happenstance I stumbled on your site. I'm also planning a wedding and was about to give up on my idea of having jewelries as giveaways when I saw this post of yours! ^_^

I am very interested to have these as giveaways and I'm wondering if you have a website that I could visit or any place that you can refer me to. THANKS!!!!! my email is thanks again!!

CebuMUAs said...

I like all the accessories.

John david said...
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Cebu Wedding Giveaways said...

I agree to not settle with those traditional souvenirs. Since I'm in the perfume business, why don't you captivate your guests with your fave scents and perfumes and give it as a souvenir?

That would be perfect.